Welcome to the Collab365 Team!

"Let's learn together" is our team mantra. We strongly believe that we're better off learning Microsoft 365 as a team rather than on your own. At Collab365, it's our goal to have helped train 1000 people in the Collab365 Academy by the end of 2023.

What is Collab365?

Collab365 is an online, community-based training provider that specialises in helping people learn new Microsoft 365 skills. We believe that people learn better by building real-world solutions together with others. Our events, challenges, courses, and community help us meet our philosophy of the BLUE Model (Build It. Learn It. Use It. Enhance It.)

What We Do

Over the last seven years, we've produced some of the most significant Microsoft 365 events on the planet. We've been to Microsoft HQ to deliver a live event to thousands around the world. We ran the first ever 24-hour conference in 2014. Not only do we run great conferences, but we also host in-depth workshops and manage a newsletter that is delivered to nearly 15,000 people every morning.

What Our Friends Have To Say

Thousands of people around the world have trusted us to help them learn Microsoft 365.

Chuck Gafford Enterprise Cloud Architect

Summit Attendee

All of these presenters are world-class subject matter experts (SME's) in multiple related Microsoft technologies. They all demonstrate how the Microsoft 365 technology works, why it works the way it does, and answers various question from attendees. All are outstanding communicators with some that work directly for Microsoft and others who work for Microsoft partners.

Linda Parkinson-Hardman Adoption and Change Management Lead

Daily Digest

I just wanted to reply to your daily email and say that this is one of the most helpful newsletters I’ve ever received. It’s given me loads of really useful hints and tips about things I would never have even thought of, but once read realised they solved some fairly fundamental problems. Thank you 😊

Marie Herman CEO

GlobalCon Summit

I have signed up for several GlobalCons and I have been incredibly impressed with all of them. You are offering SOLID content, relevant topics that go into a great amount of depth so I am constantly learning something new, but at a pace that is easy to understand even for those with less experience, and you manage to do all that at a phenomenally reasonable price. Well done! Just wanted to pass on my praise. It really speaks VOLUMES of how impressive your instructors are and how engaging their content is and how well organized your event is. It is well worth every penny. GREAT JOB!

Who are we?

At Collab365 we've been running virtual summits for over 6 years. Over that time, we've achieved a few milestones that make us proud:


the largest m365 virtual conference


attendees have registered for our events


number of members in our facebook and linkedin groups


the first ever 24-hour microsoft virtual conference


we've now produced 22 virtual conferences


users across our sites in the last 12 months

a Big "hello" from the collab365 team 

Our team is extremely passionate about planning and organising the best Microsoft-related events. We're always looking to innovate whilst delivering virtual conferences that are high quality, enjoyable experiences. When it's conference time .. we all help out!

mark jones

Heavily involved in the strategy,  design & marketing for Collab365.


Working closely with us on Content Creation and Management.  

fraser beadle

Looks after the Collab365 Accademy Platform, Workshops and Operations.

connor deasey

Quickly becoming our Power Platform Specialist. Creating courses!