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(Includes: content on PL-900 certification, Managing SharePoint Lists with PowerApps, using Power Apps within Power BI, Improving Teams with Power Automate, understanding Microsoft Stream and more!)

These eBook are professionally written from our best Summit sessions. Scroll below to read more and download your free eBook!

here's what you'll discover inside the 7 ebooks:

  • Learn about the licensing model for Power Automate, so that you can calculate how much your next Flow will cost.
  • Understand what we mean by the "Power Platform" so that you can then decide which services are of use to you!
  • How to troubleshoot your Flow when it errors or doesn't do what you were expecting it to!
  • How to post a message to Microsoft Teams automatically (based on a Trigger).
  • Understand what a "Teams Adaptive Card" can be used for.
  • Get a great understanding of "UI Flows" so that you can record and/or create them.
  • Record a Web UI flow that automates your interaction with a web application.
  • Understand what "Microsoft Stream" is and what problem it solves.
  • Learn how to embed Stream videos into other applications such as Teams, SharePoint and Power Apps.
  • How to take control and administer Microsoft Stream.
  • How to use Power Apps with your SharePoint Lists and Libraries!
  • Understand what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is and how Power Automate supports it via "UI Flows".
  • Discover what you need to know about Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents and Power BI for the PL-900 exam.
  • Understand what "Triggers" are used for in Power Automate.
  • How to use the Flow Bot in your Teams Channels.
  • How to poll multiple users using Adaptive Cards.
  • Learn how what "Team Flows" are used for within Power Automate so you can understand why they're important to you.
  • How to record a UI flow that records your interaction with a desktop application.
  • Invoke and pass parameters to a UI flow from another Power Automate flow.
  • Learn how to organise your videos into Channels and Groups.
  • Understand the important quotas and limits in Microsoft Stream.
  • Learn how to build a Power App and use it inside of Power BI!

Why are they so cheap, what's the catch?

Firstly, there's NO CATCH. Honestly, these eBooks are of amazing value!

You may be thinking, if they are so good, why aren't we charging more? As this is likely the first time you've heard about "Collab365" you won't trust us (yet) which means you're very unlikely to pay what the eBooks are really worth. (Would you pay 35$ or above?)

 At Collaboris (the team behind Collab365), our philosophy is that first impressions really DO count. We'd really love to continue helping you with Microsoft 365  when you need it. These 7 eBooks are our way to "showcase" what we do and also to begin what we hope will be a long-lasting relationship!

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Let's Take A Look At Each Ebook:

Beginners Guide to Power Automate version 2 | 98 Pages

Authors: Sandy Ussia MVP, April Dunnam Microsoft, Gareth Jayne, Laura Graham-Brown MVP and Matthew Weston MVP

Power Automate is a tool within Office 365, which allows business users to build workflows to automate tasks and business processes across various applications and services. Put simply, Power Automate enables you to work less and do more. Talk about a catchy tag line, who doesn’t want to work less and do more? If you are starting out with Power Automate or a complete newbie, then this eBook is an amazing way to grasp the main concepts, fast!

Power Platform Fundamentals: An overview of the product suite

Written from a session presented by: Ben Stegink

In this eBook, we will use the Power Platform Fundamentals exam (PL-900) as a guide for an overview of the Power Platform within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. We will take a look at the platform as a whole, including Power Apps, Power Automate (formerly Flow), Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. If you're thinking of getting certified in the Power Platform, then the PL-900 is definitely worth considering.

Power BI and Power Apps: Better Together

Written from a session by: Suzanne George

Integrating Power BI and Power Apps can give great insights as well as the ability to react right away. In this eBook companion we will look at how to expose a Power App inside a Power BI report as well as having a Power BI report being made available from a Power App. There are plenty of examples showing either Power BI, or Power Apps on their own, but it's rare to see guidance on how to use them together.

Make Microsoft Teams Shine with Power Automate

Written from a session by: Ashley Rogers MVP

This eBook is ideal for anyone wanting to get a crash course into what can be achieved with Power Automate and Teams. It contains several examples to show how you can automate information gathering, improve engagement and communications within Teams. Ashley is one of our best presenters and this eBook is worth grabbing to discover what she taught in the main session.

Automating Desktop And Web Tasks With Power Automate: Building UI Flows

Written from a session by: Paul Stork MVP

This introduction to how Power Automate UI flows work will make it easier for you to automate the business processes that your company relies on. When you finish reading this eBook, you
should understand how to create UI flows and include them as extensions to other Power Automate flows for a complex business process solution.

Microsoft Stream: The Central Video Hub for your organization

Written from a session by: Rene Modery MVP

Within this eBook, we will look at how you can use Microsoft Stream, how you can upload videos, how you can find videos and how you can organize them, and many more things. We also explain how to share videos with external users and dicuss enbedding your videos into other systems such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and even Power Apps. 

Transforming SharePoint Lists and Libraries with Power Apps

Written from a session by: Matt Weston MVP

We all use SharePoint for a huge number of different use cases, from storing documents to full document management, to data sources using SharePoint lists. SharePoint is an extremely versatile data source, and the out of the box list forms are excellent. But always, we want more from what we can achieve with the out of the box experience. This is where Power Apps can step into the frame, and in this eBook companion to the Collab Summit, we will find out how.

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