How to Create a summit Ebook

If you would like to create an Ebook for your session we will pay you $250 to produce it. 

Guidance on how to produce your Ebook

Writing up your session, isn't hugely time-consuming and it's also not compulsory. We like to offer speakers the opportunity to write up their sessions first, however if that is not possible, we will ask MicroJobs Freelancers to help us.

Write it in Word

Please create the draft Ebook as a plain Microsoft Word document. Don't use any unusual formatting, templates or annotations on pictures, just use basic Heading, Paragraph and bullet settings for your layout.

Images and Screen shots

It's great to use images where possible, these can be screen shots of the recorded session, direct screen shots of your demonstration, or any other images. Please insert into the Word document and do not allow text to wrap around them.

Snippets and Examples

Where possible please include any complex code or formula you use within your demonstration as text within the word document so that the audience can copy and paste to try it out.


Once you have submitted your Word document, we will review and create the PDF Ebook using the related graphics and images.

The Ebook will become part of the Companion Ebooks bundle for the Summit you spoke at.  Take a look at an example of an Ebook that we wrote for the PowerApps Virtual Summit.

Companion Ebook FAQs

How Big Should My Ebook Be?

The Ebook needs to document all of the main themes and learnings from your session. It does not have to cover every single example or every single word, however it should be a useful and valuable document in its own right. To achieve this there will need to be quite a few pages of text and images in your Ebook. Typically the ebooks contain between 3000 and 5000 words and cover between 25 and 50 pages (this very much depends on how many screenshots and pictures are used.)

When does the ebook need to be provided?

The ebooks need to be submitted before the event starts, this gives us time to get all of the details into the standard format and published whilst the sessions are fresh in attendees minds. You may find the majority of the contents fall into place as you plan and record your session, so please feel free to submit it along with your recording or as soon as it's available.

How is the work attributed to me?

At the end of each ebook, we include an "About the Presenter" section. We normally use your speaker picture and the bio information included in your session details, however, please feel free to add more information or update it as required.

Image rights

Please ensure that none of the images you use are protected by any copyright restrictions. Screenshots of your system as you demonstrate a technique and presentation slides designed by yourself are fine, but please pay particular attention to any images copied from the internet.

Can I share my Ebook once it is complete?

Yes, however we require you to offer it for sale exclusively on the MicroJobs platform. We will also use the Ebook as part of our Marketing for this and future Summits (this is what we've done for previous events).