How to get the most out of a Summit as a MicroJobs Freelancer

Many thanks for helping us host an awesome Virtual Summit! Here is some guidance on how to create the perfect session that will leave your attendees begging for more!

Here are some ideas on how you can get the most from the Virtual Summit and provide amazing value.

Blow your own trumpet!

Towards the end of the session, feel free to promote your MicroJobs services and explain how they can help – we really want this conference to have a positive impact on your MicroJobs profile.

Sell Your Ebook

Once we've produced the Ebooks then it's a great idea for you to add them as as a downloadable MicroJob. Once the person has downloaded the Ebook you can then get into a conversation about their specific needs and hopefully help them out.

Offer Related MicroJobs

If you're going to wow your audience with an amazing session. Ask yourself "What's the next natural problem they will need help with?". Once you've got a few ideas create a MicroJob for each (before the Summit starts) and we will direct attendees to them once the session is complete. 

We do have one big ask ...

One Note: Please don’t share your contact details during your session. For natural reasons, we want to encourage attendees to use the MicroJobs service rather than transact with you direct. This allows us to invest in marketing you and your MicroJobs.

Here's a good way to end your Summit Session

At the end of your session, it's a good idea to explain how attendees can hire you on the MicroJobs site.

For example:

Thanks for watching this session, if you would like more help with ________ then I offer my services on the Collab365 MicroJobs site, my Freelancer name is ________ and if you’ve purchased an All-Access Pass for this conference then your $50 MicroJobs voucher can be redeemed against one of my selected MicroJobs so I could help you with ________

Please don’t feel shy to explain what your MicroJobs are and how they can help – each voucher can only be used once & we can’t guarantee which speakers job each person may choose, so feel free to make yours sound amazing ?.

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