How to Record your Virtual Summit session

Many thanks for helping us host an awesome Virtual Summit! Here is some guidance on how to create the perfect session that will leave your attendees begging for more!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

Pre-recorded or live?

Before we get started, it's important to know that your session won't be delivered "Live". We've taken this decision based on years of running virtual events. As most sessions are demo-based, they require a very fast internet connection to render high quality watchable video.
Having said that our conference platform plays your video as though it is live, meaning every attendee watches the same second at the same time. This allows you to take part in chat and answer any questions that are asked.

some general requirements

Please record your sesion in English and if this includes a demonstration, please set the locale of your environment to English as well so your screen displays all instructions and labels in English.

Also, please review the entire recording before submitting it to us, especially if you have recorded your session in pieces before pulling it all together to ensure the recording levels are consistent throughout.

Recording Production Tips


It's always best to use an external microphone (or headset). Before recording for real, test a few seconds of your audio to make sure it's clear and there's no background noise. If you want to check the volume level, watch a few YouTube videos on a comfortable volume then compare with yours.

Headshot, or not!

Feel free to include a headshot or recording of yourself presenting the session. There is no obligation to do this, so if you're not comfortable watching yourself on screen, then just record your demo or presentation.


The ideal resolution is HD (1920 x1080) This will ensure the best visibility for attendees and will avoid black lines. Please produce your video in MP4 format. Where possible, match the resolution of your desktop monitor as closely as possible.

Slide deck

Please use the bespoke slide deck for any presentation slides in your session. These ensure that all sessions have a consistent look & the whole summit feels like a well coordinated event.

What to record with?

We recommend using Camtasia (and can help you), however there are others on the market that allow you to record the screen, web camera and voice.

Desktop Notifications

Make sure you close down anything that makes a sound or shows an alert on the screen. For example, if Outlook notifies you of incoming email, then this will also show up on your video recording. It's best to turn off all notifications (and distractions).

Record Audio Separately

One option that many of you prefer is to initially record screen shares / demos without sound. Once this is done you can then record the audio as a separate track later. This is down to personal preference.


We realise that you may want to promote a product or service. If this is kept to a minimum we're generally ok with it. However, please check with us first.

Sharing your video

To allow us to produce Summits (and offer free places), we have started to offer an "All-Access Pass". For this reason, please don't share your video publicly. As a thanks, every Speaker will be given access to the sessions and Ebooks from all Summits for 12 months.

Some great Camtasia recording tips...

To produce your video, we highly recommend Camtasia. We've used it quite often ourselves so if you need help please shout!

  • Use Camtasia
    You can find some recording tips for Camtasia here
  • What to wear
    We want the focus to be on you, so please don’t show any advertisements on your shirts, hats or background unless you have agreed with us in advance. Also, please avoid small patterns or stripes and try to provide a clear view of yourself with good contrast to your background.
  • Export in HD
    Once you are happy with the project, create the presentation (use MP4 settings and 1080p or above please)
  • MVPs get it free!
    If you're an MVP then you can grab a free copy of Camtasia :)
  • Use 2 Tracks
    Create at least 2 tracks inside your project. The first would be a capture of your webcam and microphone. You can record yourself presenting the session. The second would be a desktop or screen share with the slides. One option is to record the webcam and sound first and then record your slides/screenshare afterwards. You can then place both alongside each other in Camtasia, allowing you to sync the visuals to what you’re showing on screen. Some people find this easier as it’s less to think about.
  • Record yourself
    If you can, record yourself alongside your screen share. Viewers love to see the human being helping them learn. It helps to increase the levels of interaction and will provide a useful insight into your skills.

Final Note:

One thing worth mentioning, if you’ve not done an online session before, recording the session can take a long time. You will probably be your own worst critic and end up fine-tuning it several times, however please remember it doesn’t have to be 100% error-free. Mistakes often add to the authenticity.


How will the Q&A work if my session is pre-recorded?

Each virtual session will have chat functionality where attendees can chat with each other & ask you questions. As you are presenting a pre-recorded session you can answer questions in real time. You will need to log into the conference in time for your session to start (please also feel free to watch other sessions – I’m sure the other speakers would love your support!)

How do I get my Session Recording and Resources to you?

When your session is approved, we will create an upload link for you to submit your session to us (details will be in the email we send). If for any reason you can't use the link, please can you send a link to your recording via OneDrive or Dropbox to so we can download it and add to the conference. Also feel free to send details of your slide deck, code samples or any other relevant resources to me as well (attendees always seem to ask for them!) and we’ll make sure they get distributed.

Please ensure that you submit your session recording and your resources no later than the deadline we stated in our email to you so we can coordinate everything in time for the conference.

How long should my session be?

Preferably each "full length" session should be between 45 + 55 minutes long. Each session will start on the hour so it's nice for attendees to have a few minutes to grab a coffee or quick lunch in between sessions. "Turbo" sessions should be 15 minutes long, we plan to run these every 20 minutes.

Can no longer present

If you are no longer able to meet the submission deadline date, please let us know as soon as possible as we can try to arrange an alternative session to run. We need your help to get ready on time and make this event as valuable for the attendee as we can.

Need help recording your session?

If you are not sure how to record your session, we can jump on a call with you at an agreed time and record it with you. This will make it feel a little more live and will get the job done in as short a time as possible. If you give us a heads up before, we can also ask questions where you’d like to drill into more detail,