How to Govern & Control your Microsoft Teams Tenant

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2 complimentary ebooks

EBook #1: Teaching IT How To Manage And Govern Microsoft Teams And Other Microsoft 365 Workloads

This eBook will consider 10 steps that will help you manage your Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 workloads effectively to ensure your users remain happy and informed, throughout your organisation.

"We’ll look at various admin capabilities around Microsoft 365 setup to help you monitor your live environment, looking out for red alarms, as well as looking at deployment advisors, to help you roll out additional services. We’ll also look at the Microsoft 365 groups in terms of how best to manage them as that’s the underlying component for a lot of your online services. On the way, we will also consider external sharing, guest access, security, and compliance with policies, as well as looking at PowerShell tools for some advanced administration capabilities as well."

EBook #2: Governance for Microsoft Teams: A to Z

In this 42 Page Ebook (written up from Jaspers Oosterveld's popular GlobalCon3 session), you will learn:

  • The 6 big "worries" that organizations experience when adopting Microsoft Teams.
  • Why it's crucial to plan and implement a bullet-proof Teams governance strategy. 
  • What steps are needed to create a Teams governance strategy.
  • The areas that you should cover in your Microsoft Teams governance plan.