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The 4-Hour Power Apps Beginners Masterclass 

This online training teaches you how to get started with Canvas Power Apps.

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OnDemand access to Ahmads Beginners Workshop


Power Apps is the one of the hottest tech skills to add to your resumé in 2021!

If you've been keeping your finger on the Microsoft 365 pulse, you will have noticed that there's been an explosion in demand for people who can build solutions on top of the Microsoft Power Platform. Sitting at the very epicentre of this demand is the popular, low-code tool called Power Apps.

One of the main reasons Power Apps has grown so popular is because it enables "non-developers" to become ... developers! Now, this might sound a little strange, but it's true.

Power Apps gives business users the ability to "drag 'n drop" widgets onto a blank "canvas" to create robust applications with only a tiny amount of code needed (aka. expressions). 

In short, Power Apps has now empowered all areas of the business to self-serve by creating applications without needing to enlist the expert services of a developer.

It's because Power Apps is such a great skill for you (or your Team) to acquire that together with Ahmad we have created this Power Apps Beginner workshop aimed at those who want to add it to their toolbelt.

We recommend you attend this workshop for these reasons:

Reason #1: No prior experience needed.
Nowadays, many blog posts and videos demonstrate something cool that Power Apps can do, but all too often, they're way too advanced for us. This workshop will show you Power Apps from scratch with no previous experience necessary. We will also dig into the what's, why's and how's together, step by step!

Reason #2: Treat it as your dedicated learning time.
If you can clear your diary for 5-hours (on 5th May), this is the perfect opportunity to finally get to grips with something you've probably been "trying" to find the time to learn for months. Let's just "get it done" in an afternoon!

In fact, you should see this workshop as a worthwhile investment in your future.

Reason #3: It's time to go deep!
In recent months, we've seen an explosion of virtual conferences. These conferences are great because they give you insight into lots of different areas. However, they seldom go "deep" and aren't really classified as "training". A structured workshop, such as this one, gives the instructor time to take you from a novice to "power user", all in a single afternoon. There's also plenty of time to ask questions and follow along.

If you're still on the fence, we recently ran a Collab365 Customer Research Survey, with the following findings:

  • 46.5% of respondents stated they want to learn Power Apps more than SharePoint, Power Automate and Power BI. (Power Apps is now a hot skill!).
  • Power Apps is the service that people seem to be struggling to learn the most with 36.9% saying they struggled to learn it the most.
  • Only 8.8% of people surveyed considered themselves Power Apps experts

Here is what you will Learn in this 4 hour, OnDemand workshop:

  • Getting to grips with the Canvas Power Apps basics, and discovering controls
  • Adding richer functionality with variables, functions, components and grouped controls
  • How to connect and work with the data you need for your Power App.

Does that sound good?... scroll down below to see details on what Ahmad covers in the Workshop.

Workshop Preview

Join  Ahmad in this 4-hour workshop to learn all of this, together ...


Introduction: What is the Power Platform?

Power Platform architecture and a little bit about the history before Power Apps


Getting familiarized with Power Apps.

Power Apps types, main features and understanding the parts of the Power Apps Studio


Discovering Power Apps controls.

Discover the most used controls and how to use them. Buttons, galleries, labels, text inputs and more...


Working with variables and functions.

Variable types, when and how to use them and learning about built in functions (Power FX)


Components and Grouped controls.

Components and grouped controls, what they are and when and how to use them


Connecting to and viewing data sources.

Connecting to and using the business data you need for your Power App

Here's what You'll Gain

At the end of this workshop you will have...


Understand more about PowerApps and how it fits into the Power Platform.


The skills to create and work with your own Power Apps connecting to your data.


Towards becoming a Power Platform expert and solutions builder.

Your Instructor: Ahmad Najjar

A Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) and international Speaker 

Ahmad Najjar

Senior Consultant at Infoworker

Ahmad is an enthusiastic developer heart and soul and a senior consultant based in Oslo at Info worker. He’s also an active co-organizer for events and hackathons. During his 15 years of experience, he has mainly worked with Microsoft based technologies, like ASP.NET, C#, SQL and (of course) SharePoint, which is his main focus area. He has worked with SharePoint since the beta version of MOSS 2007!
Ahmad is a subject matter expert in Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps, where "more and more" they are becoming his full-time focus areas! He is always exploring them in many ways from basic to advanced scenarios. He has also delivered countless sessions and workshops on the subject!

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